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Inappropriate Costumes: pt 2

Hung Like A Horse: Real subtle Vibrator You might be trying too hard.. Free Willy Get it? This costume is literally called, “Dumb Ass Face.” Just let that sink in. Or, for the more conservative types, Regular “Ass Face.” Definitely not the Burt and Ernie I grew up with “Ring Toss” Costume: The hat that […]

Inappropriate Costumes: pt 1

The NIp-Slip Condom Dispenser: At least he’s promoting safe sex. Suicide Bomber: Not sure what the basket is for.. Walking Sex: Now you can make people uncomfortable all night long. Giant Boob: At least he knows what he is. Pussy Magnet: We sort of feel like this guy wasn’t looking for cats. Sexy Osama Costume: […]

Halloween: Ebola News

Even though the deadly Ebola virus has claimed nearly 5,000 lives in West Africa and infected more than 10,000 people, some are using the outbreak for Halloween parody. is selling a “Sexy Ebola Containment Suit” costume, including a face mask and knee-high socks, for “fashionistas [who] seek global solutions to hazmat couture.” The men’s […]

Terminus: The Romans, The Walking Dead

When I first heard the name Terminus, last season, I immediately did some research, knowing there had to be some hidden meaning behind the name. I was right. In Roman religion, Terminus was the god who protected boundary markers; his name was the Latin word for such a marker.Sacrifices were performed to sanctify each boundary […]

Things to Do on Halloween: On the Cheap

For those of us who are a little old for Trick-or-Treating 1. Take your friends, or family, to a nearby cemetery, or take a hike to a secluded spot, for scary stories, “ghost hunting, or even a set-up (have other friends hiding in the shadows) 2. Go camping or to the beach at night (any […]

Haunting: The Devil School

In downtown Jacksonville, jammed-up next to Interstate 10, stands an old brown, brick school building dubbed the infamous “Devil’s School.” It is known by Jacksonville’s teenagers as “the most haunted place in town.” In reality this was Duval County’s Public School No.4. The old building with tall white columns standing like sentinels at the entrance […]

LaVeyan Philosophy: Words to live by?

Halloween is approaching, and as anyone familiar with my blog can tell you, I’ve been posting about nothing else. So in trying to find some nice sinister stories, or  gory contraptions, I began researching satanic cults (what makes a better scary story with that?) But, before I go into the gruesome details I’d like to […]