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Finland’s Sliding Scale Ticket System

In many places, speeding ticket fines are based on variables like how fast you were going and how many previous offenses you’ve committed. Finland is taking a different tack, however. Fees for speeding are no longer a set number but based on a sliding scale according to the offender’s income. Previously, police had to rely on offenders to give them an honest answer about their gross salaries, but now they can tap directly into the national tax system to see what people make.

Several other European countries have adopted similar policies. In Switzerland, the fine for speeding is capped at $1 million, while Germany’s cap is a staggering $16 million. One of the highest fines leveled against a driver so far was a $290,000 ticket issued to a Swiss man whose Ferrari was clocked at twice the speed limit through a small residential village. Even that is dwarfed by the fines facing a Swedish driver, who could be forced to pay up to $962,000.


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