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100 days of Creature Features

Some people like serial slashers, some like psychological thrillers. Me? There’s nothing better than watching mother nature beat (or eat) the crap out of humanity. Especially when it’s in the form of wild animals. So I’m rediscovering, and in some cases, reliving my favs. So far the list includes: Jaws Jaws 2 The Mist The […]

More Medical Miracles

Spear in man’s head These CT scans show a 6-inch spear lodged in the head of Emerson de Oliveira Abreu, who sought treatment at a hospital in Brazil in late March. The spear pierced his head during an underwater fishing accident. After doctors operated to remove the spear, Abreau said he would never fish underwater […]

Crazy X-Ray Photos: pt. 1

Amazing what the human body can withstand.. Scissors in the Abdomen An X-ray shows a pair of surgical scissors in the abdomen of Anne, a woman in Lyon, France, who complained of abdominal pain after a surgery. Five months after the operation, Anne realized the scissors had been forgotten in her womb when the point […]

Man With Knife In Skull For Hours Was ‘Unaware’ Of It

When a Brazilian taxi driver got into a bar brawl, he didn’t know when the fight actually came to a head — his head. Juacelo Nunes de Oliveira, 39, was stabbed during an argument, and it took more than three hours before he realized there was a┬áblade running through his skull to his jaw bone, […]