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“Repression. Repression is the father of neurosis, of self-hatred. Now, stress results when we fight against our impulses, when we attempt to destroy the natural man or woman within us. We’ve all heard people talk about “animal magnetism”, about the “natural man” and the “noble savage”. As if we had lost something valuable in our long evolution into civilized human beings — and there’s a good reason for this. Man is a combination of the learned and the instinctual, of the sophisticated and the primitive. We should never try to deny the beast, the animal, within us — only to channel these energies in a positive direction. All of us have a great untapped potential — a potential for living. What we do with that potential, with that life, depends as much on our attitudes toward our physical desires as it does on the social programming of our minds. The struggle between mind and body is not a necessary one. It produces anger, frustration, the strain of modern-day living in a world that’s moving too quickly toward its own annihilation.”

The Howling


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