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Parthenogenesis: Everyday Immaculate Conception

In deference to all those who will be spending Valentine’s Day very much alone…

What follows is a series of post of animals who are doing just fine, all on their own.

But first, to make it easier, let’s define some terms. 

  • Parthenogenesis, from the Greek meaning “virgin birth” is an odd quirk of embryonic development that allows the female animals of some species to have offspring without a male genetic contribution – usually by a doubling of the egg genome to generate a new embryo with the proper number of chromosomes. In other words, females self-fertilizing their eggs.
  • I’ll be focusing on the at the animals who can reproduce with a member of the opposite sex, and choose self-fertilize.
  • Not including transsexual and transgender animals in this series.
Enjoy, all you lonely motherfuckers 🙂

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