Kuru: The Cannibal’s Disease

Kuru is an incurable degenerative neurological disorder endemic to tribal regions of Papua New Guinea. It is a type of transmissible “spongiform encephalopathy”, caused by the consumption of a prion found in humans. Kuru causes brain and nervous system changes similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Similar diseases appear in cows as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or […]

Budget Halloween pt 4

For this one you can use plastic hands, stickers, or if you have a printer why not print out hands, cut them out, and stick them on a high window, like a garage or bathroom. Every time you turn on the light, you’ll get this eerie back-lighting If you’re going for a witch theme why […]

Budget Halloween pt 3

Shredded cheesecloth and plastic bones make for a scary entrance to the Haunted House.   Love Nightmare on Elm St? What better way to show it than by commemorating that classic ditty. Just grab a dirty/torn up sheet and some finger paint. Don’t worry about your handwriting, the more juvenile the creepier.   You know […]

Budget Halloween pt. 2

Using a foam brush paint with black craft paint. Then get gauze, and sit in watered down brown craft paint, until covered. After the gauze and pain are dry, lay torn pieces of it on the feet and hands. Use another foam brush dipped in watered down Elmer’s glue (or white glue) and brush over it. If […]

Surprising Dollar/99c store Halloween Buys

via my Pinterest (let me know if you would like the link) Plastic dollar store eyes on branches Bones, collected and assembled, along with 2 bowls for the base. Paint it, and throw some spanish moss in the crevices. Voila Take apart a Dollar Store skeleton & glue (E6000) to glass plate or platter. Spray […]

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the Year….AGAIN!!

HALLOWEEN. Kicking off the season this year with some budget diy projects to get you and your home ready for the season. Enjoy


“Repression. Repression is the father of neurosis, of self-hatred. Now, stress results when we fight against our impulses, when we attempt to destroy the natural man or woman within us. We’ve all heard people talk about “animal magnetism”, about the “natural man” and the “noble savage”. As if we had lost something valuable in our long […]