The Book of Enoch: The Grigori

Grigori or Watcher Angels: “those who are awake”; “guard”, “watcher” is a term used in connection with biblical angels. Watcher occurs in both plural and singular forms in the Book of Daniel (2nd century BC), where reference is made to their holiness. The apocryphal Books of Enoch (1st and 2nd centuries BC) refer to both […]

Tom Ogle Conspiracy

You haven’t heard of him? I’m not surprised.  Tom Ogle invented a vapor-fuel intake system, in 1977, for all automobiles.  His system could be affixed to any existing car engine, and would enable the car to travel 100 miles on one gallon of gas.  He claimed that the emissions were clean enough that you could dry your […]

Philip Experiment

As an avid horror movie fan, it’s only right to shed some light on one of those “true stories” they claim to be based on. This is the “Philip Experiment”, the inspiration for “The Quiet Ones”.   IS IT POSSIBLE to create a ghost? Consider these familiar types of ghost experiences: A group of teenagers gathered […]

Haunting: The Devil School

In downtown Jacksonville, jammed-up next to Interstate 10, stands an old brown, brick school building dubbed the infamous “Devil’s School.” It is known by Jacksonville’s teenagers as “the most haunted place in town.” In reality this was Duval County’s Public School No.4. The old building with tall white columns standing like sentinels at the entrance […]

Are We Already Being Served?

The many tributes to the late actor Richard Kiel included listings of his most well-known and cherished roles. My personal favorite is the classic Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man.” Kiel played a member of a giant alien race called the Kanamits. They promised peace and goodwill and offered to share their advanced technology that […]

Was Father Krespi Hitler?

Tales and stories have started to surface over the last 10 years that Adolf Hitler did actually escape from Berlin, and resumed life in the South America as  Father Krespi. But what evidence really exisits that  Father Krespi was Hitler? In 1993, Father Krespi died, reportedly at the age of 90. More than 2000 people attended his funeral, […]

Lincoln-Kennedy Coincidences

1) Lincoln was elected in 1860, Kennedy in 1960, 100 years apart 2) Both men were deeply involved in civil rights for African Americans. 3) Both men were assassinated on a Friday, in the presence of their wives. 4) Each wife had lost a child while living at the White House. 5) Both men were killed […]